WMES 101

Are you new to West Madison or do you need a refresher on common terms that you hear around the school? Find the basics on terms and school spirit right here!

Common Terms

Duty-Free Lunch
Each week, our teachers have a designated day where they are allowed to have a duty free lunch. A duty free lunch is where the teacher does not have to sit in the lunchroom and monitor his/her class. However, the only way that a teacher can take advantage of their duty free lunch day is if a volunteer sits with the class through lunch. Usually, the parents of the class will take turns volunteering for duty free lunch. The room mom typically coordinates the schedule. If there are enough volunteers, you may only need to serve once every month or two.

Spirit Nights
Many restaurants in our area work with our school to share with us a percentage of profits earned on a designated night. The higher the attendance at Family Night, the more money the PTA receives back. Example restaurants include Casa Blanca, Wendy’s, and Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Be on the lookout for notices about upcoming family nights and try to eat at the specified restaurant on the designated night. This is also a fun time for your kids to be able to see their friends while our school earns extra money.

PTA Committee Chairman
A committee chairman is responsible for coordinating setup, scheduling, supplies, and anything else needed for their program. The chairman works closely with the VP of Programs and VP of Volunteers on the PTA Board. Responsibilities vary by committee, so being a chairman is not always as daunting as it sounds. Expressing an interest in being a chairman does not commit you either, so please feel free to discuss any interest you have with one of the PTA Board Members.

PTA Volunteers (Workers)
PTA volunteers are the hands and feet of the PTA organization. When you sign up to be a volunteer, you are simply letting the PTA know that you are interested in helping the organization whenever possible. The PTA volunteer form allows you to specify areas that interest you the most. Your contact information will be given to the committee chairman and they will get in touch with you regarding any opportunities or needs. Our organization cannot function without PTA volunteers.

Room Mom
Every teacher needs a room mom who can assist him/her with coordination of various activities throughout the year. Responsibilities will vary depending on the grade and individual teacher. However, some of the common tasks include coordinating duty-free and TAC lunch coverage, organizing class parties, and bringing together appreciation for your teacher (i.e. group Christmas gift, pampering during teacher appreciation week, etc.). If you think you might be interested in being the room mom, talk with your child’s teacher at the beginning of the school year.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheons (TAC) help our teachers feel the wildcat love! These luncheons are held every one to two months. The duty-free lunch day is the same for all teachers during the week of the TAC luncheon. Room moms coordinate the volunteer coverage for their teacher for this event. The teachers congregate in a classroom or other meeting place to eat and hold a grade-level meeting. Each grade will host one of the luncheons throughout the school year. You will receive a notice a couple of weeks before your grade hosts a luncheon. This notice will contain information about the food theme, items the committee needs, and instructions for sign-up online. Then, on the designated day of the luncheon, you can send in the item(s) with your child in the morning or you can drop items off in the front office. The co-chairmen of the TAC will meet together at the beginning of the year to establish a hosting schedule and the themes for all of the lunches. 

School Spirit

Show your school spirit with t-shirts, cinch sacks, water bottles and magnets! Download an order form and fill it out, enclose payment, and send the order in to school with your child. We'll fulfill the order and send your new WMES gear home with your child.

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Cinch Sack and Water Bottle

The cinch sack is lightweight and features a drawstring closure that doubles as backpack straps for carrying. The fifth and sixth grade teachers have approved this bag for carrying books and supplies from class to class (regular backpacks must be left in lockers). Offered at the rock-bottom price of $5 per bag.

The water bottle features a stainless steel construction and a straw. Easy flip lid provides protection from dirt and debris, but fast access to the straw for quick sips. Water bottles are not insulated and are meant for cold beverages. $8 per water bottle.

Car Magnet
Show school pride by adding a West Madison magnet to your ride.
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