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West Madison Elementary
2016-17 Fundraiser!

We’re raising funds for a new playground!

The WMES PTA is very excited to renew our partnership with the Boosterthon Fun Run for our school fundraiser. Last year's event was a resounding success and we're having even more fun this year!

Check out our program newsletter and don't forget to register on, where you can see all of the great character lessons we are enjoying!

Our Sponsors
Our sponsors make it possible for us to offer every student a free West Madison Fun Run t-shirt! We appreciate their support!

Backyard Box Office

The Boosterthon program is way more than a fundraiser! With Backyard Box Office, a movie theme all about making a difference by getting into character. This amazing new theme will take students on a step-by-step journey of how to make a difference in their world. Our production crew traveled the country to bring your students movies about five REAL kids dedicated to making people’s lives better.

From inventors, to world-class speakers, to business owners, to world-record holders, these five kid difference-makers will inspire your students to practice the five “Character Acts” so they can also make an impact in their community.


How the fundraiser works

Every student participates in the Fun Run and receives a FREE West Madison t-shirt even if they don't raise any money.

When you enter pledges on the secure site, your student receives instant credit towards our great prizes and their sponsor will receive a confirmation e-mail. You can also see the prizes your student is working towards on

Pledges can be made per-lap (maximum 35 laps) or as a flat donation and both count toward the prizes (Prize levels are expressed in per-lap increments, just divide flat donations by 30 for the per-lap credit). When students earn a prize they will receive it the next school day at the Team Huddle.

The highlight of the fundraiser comes on November 13th, when students will run laps around the 1/16-mile Boosterthon Speedway in an exciting, high-energy Fun Run experience. Most students will run 30-35 laps, for the benefit of the sponsors we cut 'em off at 35!

After the run, students will contact sponsors to collect donations. makes collection easy by e-mailing sponsors after the run and allowing instant payment by credit card (credit card payments add a $2 fee, no fee for cash or check sent in to school). Donations are due November 20th.

More Fun

When we meet our goal, Dr. Jah and Mrs. Miller will race tricycles!

If we receive donations from all 50 states, every student gets a free ice cream treat!

The top 50 fundraisers will be invited to a cupcake decorating party!

The top class in each grade will earn a chips-and-salsa snack!


Our goal for this fundraiser is $16,000 profit, which will fund replacement of the playground which was torn down this summer as well as all of the normal PTA functions including:

  • Books for the library
  • The Accelerated Reader program and prizes
  • Scholarships for field trips and events
  • The Watch D.O.G.S. program
  • PE, art, and music equipment
  • Staff and volunteer appreciation
Want to help out? Sign up on Konstella or contact Benjamin Schwartz at